Couple photo session in Paris

Avenue de Camoëns best photo spot for couple in Paris

In the heart of Paris

The couple photo session or Love Session is a "Lifestyle" inspired photo session. It consists in taking a moment together, cut off from the rest of the world and from everyday life. The concept is very precise as far as I'm concerned: it's not about making posed photos with a frozen smile. My goal is to provoke real emotions: yours. My raw material is you and the links that unite you. The way you take each other by the hand, look at each other, bicker, hug each other, kiss each other.

This is what makes each photo shoot or love session unique. Because it is made from your story, with your own interactions, and your respective personalities.

The couple's photo session is a magnificent parenthesis to love each other and to enjoy your half. Indeed, it is THE moment to look at each other straight in the eyes without saying a word. Imagine that during one hour, the only thing we ask you is to love each other. And nothing else. That's easy!

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