Couple photoshoot Paris in December

Paris love photo shoot avenue de camoëns

Secret Place Av. de Camoens

Maybe you are wondering if a photo session in December under the Eiffel Tower is a good idea. I'll tell you briefly - it depends on you and whether you think so. From the middle of October to early December, the weather starts to get chillier but the light and the colors remain as gorgeous as well. If you're thinking of doing your photo shoot at this time of the year, I would suggest having a nice jacket or coat for your outfit so you could wear it for the photos as well as taking it off when you want.

Emily and Ross show beautifully what it's like to enjoy life regardless of the weather. In addition, this is not an ordinary session under the Eiffel Tower. Emily's dream was to have an amazing photojournalist style shoot and if you know me, you know these are my favorite shoots. These are pictures you can feel.

Emily said: My husband and I cannot say enough good things about working with Kasia. She was professional and communicative throughout the entire booking process, and she is a fantastic photographer. We wanted someone who did more photojournalistic style (versus straight looking at the camera) and she did an amazing job. Our time with her while in Paris was fun and she delivered our photo gallery to us in record time. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer in Paris!

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