Couple in love during photoshoot in Paris near to Louvre Museum
Woman in love photo shooting in Paris
Photo shooting with couple in Louvre spot.
Couple during shooting in Louvre spot in Paris
Mother and daughter in Paris shoot
Proposal engagement with Tower Eiffel in the background
Paris portrait solo woman at Avenue de Camoens in Paris

lifestyle photographer
in paris

Thank you for being here, you must be lovers of Paris.

I want to capture your joy, your delight in Paris, the true meaning of your journey. I want you to look back at those photos and think "wow, I had no idea she got that" or laugh when you realize what was actually said during part of the shoot. These moments will not go unnoticed. It's all part of it, you just have to trust the process.

I will take you for a walk around Paris, whether you are alone, in a couple or with your family. We can spend time in a courtyard hidden from the crowd with a bottle of wine, walk along the boulevards by the Seine, stand under the Bir-Hakeim bridge, run through empty Parisian streets, sit in a cafe, watch the sunrise or sunset near the Eiffel Tower - whatever brings you joy? What are you dreaming about?

Let's leave feeling like we're old friends.

Couple amoureux lors d'une séance d'engagement en plein air.

fernanda & ivan

„It is funny how life works in mysterious ways and takes us to unimaginable cool places. But moments become lost memories if no one can beatifuly capture them as you do.

We love your technique, quality, professionalism, the confidence that you as a photographer give us, and how your photos communicate feelings beyond the image. Thank you”

fernanda & ivan
Les parents avec un nouveau-né à l'extérieur.


"Superb photographer, professional and smiling. I highly recommend it. We had a great time as a family. The result was beautiful photos... a result that lived up to our expectations.

Photographer who is available and prepares the photo shoot in advance. I won't hesitate to use his services for other events!"